SDT GROUP DOO je ovlašćeni diler kompanije „GREENCHEM“, koja je patentirala i zaštitila proizvod pod nazivom AdBlue®.
GREENCHEM is one of the world's leading manufacturers of AdBlue®, founded in 2003 in the Netherlands. A member of the AGROFERT Group, headquartered in the Czech Republic and with an annual turnover of € 7 billion, becomes in 2009.
The AGROFERT Group is privately owned and consists of approximately 230 entities, with manufacturing facilities throughout the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, China, subsidiaries throughout Europe, as well as a distribution network in the Americas and Asia.
GREENCHEM's production network consists of more than 20 AdBlue® refineries worldwide, which are guaranteed by VDA license and ISO 22241 certification.
GREENCHEM includes a complete chain - production, sales and distribution to end users in the automotive industry.
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PIUSI S.P.A. produces professional, high quality and easy-to-use products for the transfer, dispensing and measurement of fuel, oil and liquid.

PIUSI pumps, flowmeters, highlighters and accessories (filters, injectors, etc.) are in wide use, because of globall demand in various sectors - transportation, construction, agriculture, automotive, shipbuilding, with a particular focus on manufacturing UREI-based products (AdBlue®, DEF, ARLA).

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