LOHR LOHR is a French company established in Alsace near Strasbourg. For over 50 company is a global expert in design, production and marketing in the field of goods transport systems. Today, the company employs more than 2,000 professionals worldwide, owns a development center with more than 120 engineers and technicians, as well as factories in Turkey, China, the US and Mexico.

LOHR LOHR branches in several key sectors:

Lohr Automotive: Lohr Automotive: The world leader in the production of car transport vehicles that guarantee a combination of reliability, superior performance and durability.

Lohr Railvai Sistem: Lohr Railvay System: Luggage technologies with the Lohr UIC wagon for the safe, economical transportation of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network.

New Mobilities A department that focuses on environmentally friendly public transportation and urban mobility solutions.

Lohr servis: The service is organized based on an international network of technical support and services available worldwide.

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