SDT Group, the importer, seller and servicer of renowned German trailers manufacturer Kögel for the territory of Serbia and Montenegro, recently delivered the first multi-semitrailer with a universal platform for cargo transportation to a client from Serbia.

In the Beokran, a company specializing in crane rental, which is now expanding its business with the transport of special cargo, the new semitrailer is primarily intended for the transportation of construction reinforcement and non-standard size concrete elements. The first such trailer in Beokrans fleet completes services to construction companies, but also to other service users who have specific requirements for transportation and cargo handling.

Like other Kögel semi-trailers, this one has a solid steel chassis frame with long-lasting nano-ceramic and KTL corrosion protection. In addition to building materials and weatherproof concrete components, pallets can carry palletized goods as well as extra long or very wide loads on the cargo platform, which is possible thanks to optional folding or removable aluminum folding sides, that can be stored in an optional storage box under the chassis frame. The flat platform of this semi-trailer is certified to the strictest European safety standards and it is available with a variety of cargo immobilization systems.

In the Multi family, Kögel offers a multitude of versions, for example, one of three axles can be manageable (making it extremely easy to maneuver, especially in cramped spaces), then there is model with dents in the floor that allow the transport of coils of high-mass steel or aluminum sheets, etc.


Foto SDT Group